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Toilets Become Urine Labs with The Pee and Me Gadget

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Have you heard of Pee and Me Gadget? The device is on trend as it has built the idea of turning toilets into Urine Labs.

A Health Tech company has announced these gadgets for individuals who regularly need to test their Urine.

Pee and Me gadgets were launched at CES 2023 on Tuesday. A smart way of analyzing your pee from the very comfort of your bathroom and table has never been possible since it is now.

It’s basically a pebble-shaped gadget that can be installed in the toilet bowl. It is there to capture Urine.

After the device captures it, you can analyze the quality of your pee with Withing’s Health Mate app. This way, it helps you share the urine quality and symptoms with your doctors.

Your Urine indeed keeps a lot of information regarding your health, fertility, and fitness. It’s just not an analysis.

The U-Scan app allows a person to monitor the body’s hydration, Vitamin levels, Nutrition, Metabolism, and more. They have made these gadgets and appliances according to the very rules of Europe’s GDPR privacy.

Here, the device has those nutrition and hydration packs. These packs give information to the app regarding the level of hydration, vegetable, and protection intake in your body. Also, it enlists Vitamin C, Carbohydrates, pH balance, etc.

Besides, it also helps you with frequent tips on workouts and the recopies you must try on a daily basis. The activity for walking, exercising, and other credentials about your body and health are also maintained through the app.

But what if you share your bathroom with others? What will the U-Scan do about it? Actually, the app can still help you keep your information organized and saved. It comes with a Stream ID that uses a radar sensor.

This sensor helps the user identify urine stream signatures. The company claims this stream signature detection is done by matching the distance of the stream.

Conclusively, it’s a good device when you cannot visit your doctor by yourself and still want to send the entire information regarding your health to your doctors. This way, the device can tell you whether you need medication or are fine!

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