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The Surfshark Antivirus VPN Package Now Includes Webcam Protection

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Have you used this fantastic Surfshark Antivirus VPN package? Because if you didn’t, you must download and install it today to avail of its highly unique features. The app is worth it because it helps you browse any country by hiding your official identity.

But what’s so special about the Surfshark One Package? Surfshark is a leading privacy tech company that has now added a webcam protection feature to its privacy or antivirus tool.

The package also includes a VPN as well as an Antivirus. But now, it has webcam protection to protect you even if you go face-to-face.

It’s accurate that during the last few years, the “Pandemic Period,” Video Conferencing has benefited people with so many advantages. It has made it easy to call from anywhere and get business meetings done.

However, the webcam has always suffered from frequent longstanding security risks. A user must be aware of these risks while using the webcam for working or doing online face-to-face stuff.

The new feature added by Surfshark enables the users to protect themselves from Camfecting. It is the terminology where the Hackers do their best to use the User’s Webcam even without their consent.

The best usage of this newly updated feature is that it helps the users to keep their favorite applications out of webcam access.

With this feature, they can monitor which type of applications a webcam can access and which not from their computer camera.

Now, users have all the means to edit their group of the most trusted apps. They can easily allow the camera to access certain apps with the Surfshark App.

Moreover, suppose this app is not allowed for any computer app. In that case, the camera will be restricted for all apps using the webcam feature.

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