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Simon Cowell, America’s Got Talent Judge, Claims That He Takes ‘Non-Stop’ Advice From His 8 Years Old Son Eric

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Did you ever hear a father taking advice from his son? For the people who see America’s Got Talent show, they know who Simon Cowell is. He may be one of the biggest names in the talent Show Business. But this famous judge still takes advice from his son. Simon Cowell was a Guest on a U.K. Talk Show, “Loose Women,” where he opened up. He said that he takes advice from his 8-year-old son, Eric, and he leans on the feedback of his young son.

Cowell said, “I always think of Eric when I watch the shows before they go online. I ask myself whether he likes something or not completely. But I have to believe that he always says the right thing, which is kind of annoying but still true.”

The Famed Judge shares his son Eric with his Fiancé, Lauren Silverman. Cowell added that I already have an idea of what Eric is going to be in the near future. And I think that’s the cool thing for a father to know. However, he didn’t reveal the profession he thought Eric would pursue.

Moreover, he claimed that Eric is a sweetheart as he is his own man and has his own opinion. These things are crucial to him. On the happy marriage side of Simon Cowell, Cowell and Silverman are engaged now. This period of staying 13 years together ended in January 2022 when they were in Barbados on a family holiday!

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