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Laurence K. Avanzino

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If you are here to know about Laurence K. Avanzino, you probably know Kathy Hilton. She is a famous American Fashion Designer, and Laurence K, Avanzino is known as the father of Kathy Hilton.

This famous man’s Place of birth is entitled to his name because he was officially born in a small place in Boston named Laurence Kenneth Avanzino. His date of birth is 26th of December, 1935. His father’s name was Laurence Avanzino, and his mother was Elizabeth Avanzino.

Both mother and father died many years ago. Besides, this famous man is also an ex-husband of Kathleen Avanzino for a reasonable period when they both were happily married couples.

Some of the famous alternate names for Laurence K. Avanzino include “Larry” or Laurence Kenneth. People have known him as a Scottish-American or Italian American.

Yet, we are here to know everything about this personality, and I’ll cover that in this write-up. So, don’t skip reading!

Laurence K. Avanzino’s Bio

Why The Laurence Kenneth Avanzino Is Famous?

He is being discussed just because of his daughter, Kathy Hilton. This family holds significant assets and is currently famous in the news.

Some Essentials About Laurence K. Avanzino:

Laurence is indeed no more alive. His date of death is the 18th of February, 1997. The man lived for almost 60 years, and his Place of leaving this world was Providence Country, near Rhode Island in the United States. Some summed-up details about this man are enlisted in the following table. Have a look, please!

Essentials Details
The Original Name Laurence Kenneth Avanzino
Official Birth Date 26th Of December, 1935
The Place where he was born Avanzino, Boston, United States
Why Famous? As the father of Kathy Hilton, a famous fashion designer
Nationality American
His Wife Name Kathleen Richards
Parents Names Laurence Avanzino and Elizabeth Avanzino
How Many marriages? 2
Famous Children Name Kathy Hilton
Death Date 18th of February, 1997
Years lived 61 years

What Was The Profession of Laurence Kenneth Avanzino?

It’s true thing that not so many details exist about the early life of this man. But researchers have found that he was a painter and decorator. His main fame was because of his daughter, the famous Kathy Hilton.

Who is Kathy Hilton, and What Does She Have To Do With Laurence K. Avanzino?

As stated earlier, he is the father of this woman. Kathy is a well-known fashion designer, stylist, model, and even a star.

She has a reputed image in the United States and some other countries as well. Kathy Hilton’s full name is Kathleen Elizabeth Avanzino.

She came into this world on the 13th of march, 1959, in New York City. She has adopted many professions over the years, making her a famous name in the books.

Also, she is a successful philanthropist and entrepreneur. Larry Avanzino, the wife of Kenneth Avanzino, is the mother of Kathy Hilton.

However, since Laurence and Larry Separated, her mother’s new husband was Kenneth E. Richards. This famous fashion stylist woman has half-sisters named Kim and Kyle Richards, also famous actresses. Besides, she does have five half-siblings from her father’s marriage.

About The Early Life and Education Of Kathy Hilton:

These days, half of the world knows who Kathy Hilton is. She is a very decent and well-educated personality. Her graduation degree is from Los Angles School, where her famous friend was Michael Jackson. They were very sincere friends and close to each other. But unfortunately, she lost Michal in 2009.

Inspired by her father, Kathy Hilton started her acting career even when she was just a child in 19789. We can see her working in famous movies like Bewitched, Nanny and Professor, The Rockford Files, Happy Days, etc. In addition, she has hosted many famous shows like I Want To Be A Hilton

So, this was all about the famous father and her daughter. We’ll keep updating you with the latest stuff regarding this post. So, stay in touch!

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