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During January 6’s Press Conference, Hope Hicks Told Trump That It Was As Bad As Everyone Had Said, And Said He Wasn’t Fair To Take The Blame For It

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If you are reading this, you should know that it’s been more than a year since January 6, 2021, incident. There was a sudden attack on the United States Capital. It was a tragedy that raised a disruption in the elections inside the Congress for President Selection when Donald Trump was the official president of the United States. 

After the incident happened, they hired an official team for the investigation. During the recent update, they released a full transcript on Friday. 

Several new facts came to the point, but the witness of Hope Wicks held great importance in that transcript. She is a young lady who has been the White House Communication Director during the era of Donald Trump. 

The lady came out to be so kind in favor of Donald Trump. She claimed that Donald Trump never wanted it. She also said that Trump shouldn’t be standing at the front spot for the blame riot on Capital Hill. “It was unfair for him,” she added.

She is 34 years old and stands among the closest friends of Donald Trump. She was investigated alone and set for further investigation by the committee. The answer and her talk were recorded on a video. 

On Monday, they make that hearing online. And it happened after the selected individuals for investigation made their final hearing. They made it aired, and after that, she revealed everything necessary about her closest friend, Trump.

She has been too close to Trump and is one of those people who got the dare to tell Trump about the defeat he faced in the 2020 elections. It was also recorded on that transcript that was released on Friday. 

Hicks was the only one who talked to her dearest friend when no one was there. It happened after the days of that deadly insurrection. 

She added that Trump Asked her if that incident was that worse as everyone was talking about it. I replied with a positive answer because that was the only thought that I shared with him. 

However, she said that Trump didn’t feel like it was fair; she meant that the deadly insurrection was unfair. 

Even though Hicks gave her resignation Letter from her position, she was the best person who communicated with Trump. She advised him to change his way of doing things and come out in public to be highly rational!

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