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Doctors Are Seeing These Symptoms of COVID Variant XBB

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If you are an activist who keeps every information regarding Covid-19, you might have heard of its new variant worldwide. This variant of the COVID virus is now a main concern of the scientific community.

They have given it the name XBB. The data taken from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention in the USA shows that the virus is already in its most severe shape.

Plus, it is known as the most immune-evasive to date and has already covered 40% of infections in people in the United States.

Plus, there are chances that such a new variant of COVID will spread more and more in the coming weeks, and the percentage might go to an extreme level.

The XBB is also bringing new and more severe variants of Omicron that include BQ.1. In a period of 3 weeks, this percentage has gone from 11% to 75% cases in the US region.

Who knows how severe it will be in the coming future since the virus is already taking a major part of the United States community.

It’s also true that XBB is a new variant, and there are no predictions that can be made about it related to the near future. Who knows what will happen? Besides, scientists are also worried about finding a quick solution, including any vaccine.

They are yet learning the fact to understand how this variant of Covid behaves differently than other relevant versions of the virus. Even scientists see that the most common problems with the XBB are related to Omicron. Yet, they have experienced that some issues are becoming more prevalent than others.

But what do those infectious disease experts say about this? They say that the basic symptoms of XBB include body aches and congestion.

Moreover, research has not been fully conducted on XBB, and there is very limited data about this version of Coronavirus. However, health experts relate all the Symptoms of XBB with COVID that people already have experienced in the previous year, 2022.

Hence, what do you think of XBB? In my view, I believe that people are experiencing to become more aches, more headaches, and feeling more congestion with this variant of COVID.

Also, there can be other symptoms, including fever, sore throat, chills, cough, and more, said Dr. Julie Parsonnet.

People don’t need to worry much about the XBB, yet they need to take good care of themselves outside or in public. Even a mild flue or headache is painful and causes you with certain medications or hospital visits.

Unless and until scientists don’t discover the solution to the XBB, the virus is there just like COVID.

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