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Chris Pratt Got Stung In The Eye While Attempting To Control Bees!

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First, you’d laugh at how a famous star and prominent superhero of Guardians of the Galaxy could do such a thing. But then you’d realize that even superstars can get inspired by individuals. Chriss Pratt thought he could control the bees and tried as well. But what happened, actually? He got stung in his eyes which was painful.

On Thursday, Chris Pratt shared this tragic story of interaction with a swarm of bees on his Instagram account. He made a clip in which he removed the glasses from his eyes and showed his fans the swollen left eye. He claimed that it was stung by the bee sting. This clip went viral on the internet and had around half a million likes after 2 days of posting till Saturday.

But the story behind Pratt going close to the bees is different. He was inspired by a lady named Erika Thompson. She has up to 11.2 plus million followers on TikTok.

In that video clip, Pratt told the audience about getting interacted with the bees. He added that he had followed a cool and brave lady on Instagram. She is so talented that she goes near the bees’ hives and claims they are very calm today. He also said he was trying to look for the bee’s queen by using his bare hand to sift through the bees.

However, while doing this, a Bee stung the superhero right into his left eye. Pratt added that she had built a false sense of security where she claimed to control the bees, which is impossible. And Pratt believed that he could also save the bees.

The final words of Pratt in that video were, “F*** that bee lady,” and the clip ended. Our superhero seemed quite disappointed for vesting his time following her and getting a painful sting in the eye!

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