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The Obamas are Saying Goodbye to Spotify in Favor of a New Multiplatform Podcast Partnership

The Obamas' tenure with Spotify Technology SA is drawing to a close. According to those acquainted with the negotiations, the ex-first family's production firm,...

Mastodon Reaches 2.5 Million Users Thanks To Twitter Chaos

Ever since Elon Musk has taken over the charge of Twitter, users have seen a lot of changes in the features, privacy terms, and...

The Surfshark Antivirus VPN Package Now Includes Webcam Protection

Have you used this fantastic Surfshark Antivirus VPN package? Because if you didn’t, you must download and install it today to avail of its...

Avoid Cybercrime By Using Ad Blockers On FBI Recommendations

Cybercrimes are increasing these days. We often hear multiple news of cybercrimes on Tv, in Newspapers, and on the internet. Though Government and Law...

New Fleet Tracking Laws In California protect Driver Privacy 

A Truck Driver's privacy matters a lot in almost all the world's countries where they perform massive logistics duties. In that case, a new...

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