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Cardiac Arrest Of Damar Hamlin: What We Know And What We Don’t

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Incidents happenings with players during the games are normal. But falling for a sudden cardiac attack is unusual for such a young lad, Damar Hamlin.

On Monday night, in a football match between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals, the former team player Mr. Damar Hamlin suddenly went into a tragic accident and fell on the ground.

Now, the cardiac expert says that they are still unknown to the facts as to what caused Hamlin’s heart to stop for almost 9 minutes. However, the latter named the arrhythmia that happened because of a sudden pressure on his chest. It happened during a collision with the receiver of the Bengal team players.

A well-known Physician and Sports Cardiologist at the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Aaron Baggish, claimed that we could not be sure whether that cardiac arrest was due to a blow or something else. He has the owner of working with New England Patriots.

He added that more tests would be conducted, and the player would go to certain medications and report to ensure he is fine. We’ll also check if there is any other issue in his body.

Indeed, an arrhythmia occurs very frequently. Because its only hard symptom is to have a solid storm on the chest.

The below that causes the heart to experience cardiac arrest comes under pressure on the chest, happening at that particular moment when your heart is relaxing after it has squeezed out the blood.

“It’s very unusual for a person of Hamlin’s age to experience such a tragic accident,” the doctor added. But it’s not very rare, claimed Dr. Michael Mack.

Dr. Michael Mack is another health specialist and a chairman of the Cardiovascular Services at Baylor Scott.

According to these experts, players experiencing such incidents in a baseball match is common when there is heavy pressure on the chest caused by the ball. They further explained the same things happening in the Hockey and lacrosse games.

Even the chest protectors at that time do not protect the most sensitive part of the player’s body, the heart.

Besides, Dr. Baggish also said that Mr. Damar Hamlin shouldn’t rely on those football pads either. Because even the strongest advertised sports gear is not competent enough to protect his body completely.

At that moment, the audience in the ground went thrilled because one of their favorite players from Buffalo went to the ground. They all thought if Mr. Damar Hamlin was dead. But he was still fighting for his life.

But right after Mr. Hamlin, the 24 years young guy, collapsed, they gathered a personal medical team. Once Mr. Hamlin returned to his normal heartbeat, they transferred this young lad to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He was still in a critical situation at this medical facility.

Mr. Hamlin has not yet returned to the game and is still being processed through several tests. We pray for his speedy recovery and better health because we all want to see him on the ground.

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