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Biden Mocks Trump’s NFT Playing Card Announcement With A List Of Achievements

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In mockery of Trump’s announcement of NFT playing cards, Biden gives a list of his accomplishments. He took a shot at former President Donald Trump’s announcement of his NFT playing cards by releasing a list of his accomplishments on Wednesday.

The former president announced Tuesday that he was launching his collection of NFTs, or digital collectibles, which he said were the ultimate collectible. But Biden’s team mocked Trump’s announcement, noting that the former president had nothing to show for his four years in office regarding tangible accomplishments.

In a tweet, the president’s team shared a list of Biden’s real accomplishments in just 100 days, which included passing the American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, and reentering the Paris Climate Agreement.

“In 100 days, President Biden has accomplished more to improve American people’s lives than Donald Trump did in four years,” the tweet said.

The tweet also highlighted Biden’s commitment to racial equity, noting that he had established the White House Initiative on Racial Equity and signed an executive order to address systemic racism.

The post has a picture of Biden playing cards with a list of his significant accomplishments in the top right corner. It includes protecting the Affordable Care Act, passing a $15 minimum wage, and rejoining the World Health Organization.

The tweet was a clear dig at Trump’s attempts to monetize his presidency and capitalize on his fame.

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