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Avoid Cybercrime By Using Ad Blockers On FBI Recommendations

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Cybercrimes are increasing these days. We often hear multiple news of cybercrimes on Tv, in Newspapers, and on the internet. Though Government and Law Enforcement Institutes do their best to prevent these crimes, it still depends on whether an individual takes concrete measures while using the internet. 

In this regard, in a meeting, the FBI has recently guided the American Public about preventing themselves from Cybercrimes. They said that an individual must download and use an ad blocker on every browser they are searching on. It will help them and protect them from several online security threats. 

Cybercriminals are very smart. They use the adverts to push ransomware. This way, they would steal your information, details, and data from your device or computer. 

However, after the FBI recommended using an Ad blocker while using the internet browser, it disturbed many online earners. They rely highly on the revenue they earn from ads. And if many people will start using ad blockers to prevent cybercrimes, that would also result in giving less support to your favorite sites.

But don’t worry, because there is still an opportunity to give the problem solvers their benefit. You can use an add blocker for only websites that look suspicious. 

Using an add blocker is a good thing. It’s an app that would work great in providing security against all fraudulent adverts. 

However, still, it’s not the best tool. It is an entirely relying option to prevent ransomware scams and, more commonly, phishing. 

In that case, an individual or a corporation must also use antivirus software and other Password Manager tools.

Conclusively, focusing on the FBI’s advice is a good thing. But an add blocker won’t provide complete security to your system, files and data. 

Be sure about the website you open, and always use the internet by being carefully!

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