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Al Faisal


Rapper Nuke Bizzle Gets 6-Year Sentence for COVID-19 Fraud Plot

Fottrell Antonio Baines, aka Rapper Nuke Bizzle, is a Los Angeles-based artist. He was recently sentenced to six years in prison for his involvement...

Gunna Released From Jail In The Middle of RICO Case

Rapper Gunna was released from jail Thursday morning after being arrested on charges related to a RICO case. The rapper’s real name is Sergio Kitchens....

The Music Mogul “Diddy” Reveals He Named His New Born Baby Girl After Himself

On Monday, music sensation Sean "Diddy" Combs announced the birth of his new baby girl. The musician has revealed that he and his partner,...

Biden Mocks Trump’s NFT Playing Card Announcement With A List Of Achievements

In mockery of Trump's announcement of NFT playing cards, Biden gives a list of his accomplishments. He took a shot at former President Donald...

Amber Heard Files Legal Action Against Johnny Depp

After a sensational trial, Judge Penney Azcarate of Fairfax County Circuit Court has ordered Amber to pay $10.35 million to Johnny Depp for damaging...

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