WATCH: Thugs Start Drive-By Shooting Spree But Tough Texas Homeowner Has Something Else In Mind….

It was a scene right out of a Wild West movie where the hombres on horseback ride into a Texas border town in the dead of night and gallop down Main Street, firing indiscriminately.

However this was no movie and the horses these thugs were driving was a Nissan Altima and that fabled Main Street was Glenburnie Drive, in North Houston, Texas.


The “SHOOTOUT” began late last Friday night as a Texas homeowner was sitting quietly on his front porch, enjoying the evening when out of the darkness a late-model Nissan Altima appeared roaring down the quiet street towards him, and within a matter of seconds the would-be assailants open fired on the homeowner, spraying the area with over 40-rounds within a matter of seconds.

Miraculously the homeowner escaped uninjured; however what followed next would put Clint Eastwood to shame, within a matter of seconds after that awesome display of firepower, the homeowner reached for his own weapon that he apparently had at the ready and began immediately returning fire at the speeding auto, which swerved and hit a parked car.

Wounded the three thugs exited the vehicle and continued the pitched firefight on foot. The homeowner who is an avid marksman continued returning fire hitting all three, stopping them before they could reach his property.

One of the men was immediately killed at the scene, while the others were rushed to the hospital. A second shooter was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, while the third is in critical condition battling for his life.

According to news reporters, aside from being an excellent marksman the Texas homeowner is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, and goes to the shooting range regularly and practices his skills with his AR-15, the weapon he usually has by his side when sitting on his porch late at night.

Police are investigating the shooting; however, it’s an obvious case of self-defense and another example of why our Second Amendment was created.

Tell us in the comments below if you think that law-abiding citizens have a right to protect themselves using firearms.

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Source: Daily Headliners


188 Comments on “WATCH: Thugs Start Drive-By Shooting Spree But Tough Texas Homeowner Has Something Else In Mind….”


    2. Sounds like all involved were thugs….who sits on his front porch with an AR-15 at his side and gets 40 shots aimed at him….?

      1. Then again, he could live in a neighborhood that one needs to be armed while sitting on their own front porch… sounds more like he’s one of the brave that stands up against the gangs and was targeted for it.

      2. People who protect their family and property at all costs, and with the way this country has been going down hill for the last 50 years I don’t blame him at all. You don’t know the man personally so have no right to call him a thug you liberal ass. They probably fired on him for taking a stand against them trying to rob a neighboring house or it was just one of their initiation things you idiot.

      3. Someone that is constantly being harassed, someone trying to rid their neighborhood of drug houses and gangs. The list goes on and on. James, you win the stupid comment of the month award.

      4. Who? Only those who prefer to stand against the bad guys and refuse to be a victim. You, of course, are quite free to put a target on your chest and whine about the injustice of it all.

    3. Could find another way to post…so will park it here…..One I take exception with the writer…..Clint Eastwood would have killed all three, then and there…..not on the way to Doc Holiday….or down the road…..and no way would one be in critical condition………….(…my mistake, make that four….) ( which movie ? )

    4. Hurray for the homeowner. Three fewer thugs to terrorize innocent people. Glad he goes to the shooting range often. Of course, we should be able to protect ourselves, our families and property.

    5. I like that. In Pennsylvania they just suck their dicks, especially elk county Pa. Being that I’m a Marine I can’t stand these spineless bastards. They took away my guns and I had to cut them up myself because I defended myself.

  1. He just prevented them from killing someone else. Good shoot and homeowner should be acknowledged as a role model for today’s society. The 2 dead and the 1 injured serve as examples why you shouldn’t be a thug.

    1. Well the way we are being protected by Police these days, we all better start learning how to shoot this well. The Liberals have reversed the meaning of Criminals and Victims. To hell with the Legal System, all the Judges that are Liberals let thugs off every time, so why should honest upstanding citizens be under the Law when Thugs are above the Law?

  2. Wonderful outcome considering everything, just glad the homeowner was not hurt. And feeling no sympathy for the thugs who got what they deserved in this case.

  3. Well justified thugs need to know they can’t get away with shooting that people sitting on their porch Without paying the consequences I salute you for defending yourself in your home

    1. I love this guys commitment to the use of a gun for self protection. Every one should practice, practice. Use pictures so you learn if you can actually pull the trigger to kill, I have learned I sure can.

    1. I’ll bet he doesn’t have to pay his medical bills either…. wonder who gets to do THAT? You’re welcome – but seriously next time please just die! Awesome homeowner.

      1. Yes, it would have been tragic if a baby had been killed by the thugs attacking an innocent citizen. Fortunately, two are dead, the third is a maybe. The innocent citizen did a great job! Win! Win!

    1. Sorry, but the homeowner is the winner here. Not sure how you can see it any other way. Scum bags shot at him, he shot back they missed because they were acting like morons ands pretending to be characters in a video game and he took away their playtime.

    2. George, One thing that FBI statistics prove is that when innocent citizens are able to defend themselves there are far less innocent victims.

  4. Great job! Perfectly within his rights, in my opinion. I wonder how many Californians would still be alive if they were allowed to defend themselves.

    1. Drive by shooters don’t just randomly pick a target. He was the target just happened to be a better shot. There is way more to this story than what is being reported.

      1. That really doesn’t matter if he was a target, a bunch of lowlife cowards that do a drive by! They need to be man enough to go face to face.

      2. Jack I agree. Guy on porch seemed to be a target. You just don’t go down a Rd and then shoot off that many rounds at a random person. There is definitely more to this story. :/

      3. Jack Reynolds, I was beginning to think that I was the only one who felt as you do. Regardless the permit to carry, how many folks do you know who habitually sit on their front porch with an AK-47 by their side? There is far more to this than is being reported. Hopefully the truth will prevail.

      4. This is post Harvey… Anyone one with a brain is armed in Houston and surrounding affected areas… Looters are out in force… I say To death to them all… Fking looters. Not the 1st won’t be the last. Looters are dumb.

      5. First how do you know the shooters in the car did not pick this person at random? Second even if they were targeting this person on purpose, what gives them the right to do it in this manor. defender of their rights 1, Thugs -2 with third one seriously injured. Good score in my book!

      6. Correct. This was no drive-by random shooting. They obviously targetted him. There had to be a reason. Also a reason why he had an AR-15 with him on the porch. It’s one thing to have a licence to carry a concealed weapon and to carry it, but quite another to have an AR-15 by your side while you’re chilling out on the porch.

        1. If you have a LTC you aren’t a thug or, at least, haven’t been one for long. My guess is this is a good guy who lives in a bad area and had seen this kind of behavior before.


  6. Morons like these would tend to think twice about attacking people if they knew that they would draw deadly fire in so doing, I take my hat off to this guy his actions, demonstrating the need for responsible gun ownership

  7. “Police are investigating the shooting; however, it’s an obvious case of self-defense and another example of why our Second Amendment was created.”

    Ummm…no…the 2nd Amendment was made to protect and arm us against government tyranny…not asshole citizens.

  8. Good shooting, citizen! Sadly, I think we’ll see the crying mom’s of the assailants whining about how good their boys were and why he should be punished for killing them.

  9. If three bums think that spraying bullets all over the place is cool I hope the two dead ones can tell the living one how cool hell is !! But I doubt he’ll believe his ears if they did !! So I can only hope the other bums hear how they died in shame never hitting a single thing living !!

  10. Kudos to that home owner! Every action has a consequence and I guess those thugs just found out what happens when you mess with the wrong person.


  12. In Chicago and other extreme liberal cities the homeowner would be charged with two counts of murder, and if they were black, with a hate crime…… No Kidding, liberals don’t believe in protecting your home and family. They prefer to stand by the criminal element.

  13. I say that I am glad of the right to bear arms. If it wasn’t that way, the homeowner would be the one dead and probably all of the occupants of his house and no telling how many other people would be dead. The thugs would never have been apprehended and so it goes that people are safe and the thugs are tucked away never to try and hurt anyone else.

  14. The AR-15 today is what the 1892 Winchester was to homeowners in 1896, What the Lee-Enfield was to homeowners in 1908, What the Model 8 Remington was to home owners in 1912, and what the M1 carbine was to home owners in 1955, too The AR-15 is also what the Mini-14, SKS, and AK47 were to homeowners in the 1980s, too. Check you gun control. Some school buses are running as early as 4:30. a.m. With 40 shots from the perps fired and they could have massacred upwards of ten kids just waiting for the bus, too. Check your parental rights as the parents of punks. Your right to use a belt on your kids is not a permission slip for your kids to terrorize their community with driveby shootings, too. And if you think the belt is the appropriate penalty for firing 40 shots in an occupied neighborhood, then you are mentally ill and need locked up as a danger to both society and yourself, too. THe home defender involved should have already had the charges dropped, too.

  15. If more of them met their maker when they are trying to be “touch” and show off there would be much less of this. We had better defend the 2nd amendment or we will all be sitting ducks like the people in gun free zones–

  16. 2 dead and one wounded … as I’ve often said before; I JUST LOVE SUCH A HAPPY ENDING !!!

    For those liberals pretending to be concerned; shouldn’t you be more worried about why thugs are becoming more brazen then why a law abiding citizen handled business with an AR15? I hope this puts the racist communists Kamala Harris and scramble-heads Feinstein and Pelosi all in to mutual menopause. Recently they’ve started another crusade to ban “assault weapons”. I guess they overlook that during the recent storm there were firearms looted and I guess the thugs wasted no time putting them to the test. All I’m waiting for now is for the aforementioned LUNATIC SKANKS to start raising hell about somebody sitting on their front porch with an AR15 nearby. Shit never seems to end from these people.

  17. Outstanding shooting! And ended the way it should have ended, with the gutter maggots dead or dying. Practice makes perfect, lol! At least there are three criminal scumbags that won’t ever be bothering anyone again!

  18. Is it possible Obama black Democrat thug nigs were involved in this ‘drive by”?

    Just “axin”………………………….

    1. Of course it was especially when there’s so much looting going on due to this recent hurricane and flooding. Times such as this is why we have these things to begin with.

    2. I don’t care what race, nationality or ethnicity the thugs were. They were thugs. The only thing to matters to me is a man’s character.

    1. There’s no requirement to conceal your weapon on your own property. There’s also no requirement to conceal long guns anywhere, though there are locations no guns are permitted.

  19. Way to go Texas! Great demo for the 2nd Amendment.
    In Texas he’ll not be charged, in some other places, probably Californicate he’d be hung from the nearest tree.



    1. Any white person living in an area dominated by black thugs in this day and age are stupid if they don’t have a weapon at hand!

    2. Obviously you have never lived in Houston. I lived there in the mid 70’s and it was treacherous then. How much more so now?

  21. Of course it was self defense. He was being ambushed, and this is a perfect example of thugs having guns ( they’re not honing their skills or using them responsibly, derr) Those sprayed bullets could have killed or maimed others in the area, so that man, obviously a legal gun owner, and well trained, was able to stop those low life scum with precision, which no doubt prevented further shooting sprees by those dregs on society. Good job by a decent person legally using a firearm. A horrible, but real, example of the fact that thugs are going to get guns no matter what the laws are, and making them more strict for citizens who are not out to cause harm, but defend themselves and others from it, will only create tragic outcomes that would have been the case had that man not had a weapon for self defense. Common Sense. If you don’t like guns, are afraid of them and have no interest in owning one, then be thankful there are others who would protect you because their rights are not infringed upon. One day you may need their help.


  23. I’d say the homeowner and the drivebyers knew each other–they had some differences, the guys in the car were coming to settle it but the homeboy was ready and waiting for them

    1. Not necessarily. This hurricane was devastating. Many homes belonging to folks who actually did evacuate still have not had the owners return yet. As a consequence you have looters and most looters are known to the criminal justice system already. It’s not beyond them to try to ambush somebody they don’t even know if they are hard-pressed to loot. When you think about it this isn’t really any different than most random drive-by(s). Sad but that’s the way it is.

    2. Correct… his house was targeted.. they knew him or knew of him… probably even knew he was armed… dumb asses lol

  24. These damn people and their damn guns, blah, blah, blah….just kidding! Way to go! The only sad part is one of them survived. He’ll probably sue the guy but hopefully the lawsuit won’t get any traction because, hey, it’s Texas!

  25. Props to the home! Main reason to stay and shape! Range is my best friend! BTW: Fuck to that bitch ass in hospital. Let him die right where he lays! They should pull the plug as this scumbag! Fucking Thug Life huh! Dipshits! 3-0 for the Real American Hero! This guy is undefeated…

    1. Not much anymore with the Castle Doctrine and stand your ground laws. The main difference left is the citizen is not required to engage but the cops are.

  26. Ok, call me crazy but why dis thugs randomly start shooting at this guy? Gangbangers usually shoot other gangbangers, not random citizens. Also, you gotta wonder about a guy who sits on his porch with a loaded A R-15. Exceptionally well prepared or a guy who done somebody wrong (messed with some bad people) and figures they are coming for him. Still a good shoot, just don’t think shooter is Mother Theresa.

    But even if the ‘good guy was a gangbangers, still a good shoot.

    1. I would think an individual who has a CHL and had undera criminal background check is likely NOT a thug as you seem to suggest. Thugs are criminals and tend to forego a CHL and a background check. Just sayin’ friend!

    2. my good friend an 70 yr old gray hair adorable lady had her house shot up simply because her car was blue. Fact is a lot of drive by’s have no intended victim just low life scum trying to prove themselves to their gangs.

    3. huh? what do you mean, ‘who sits on the porch with an AR?’ And, if it’s not loaded, it’s useless. 🙂 He was the guy doing the home protection detail.

      Excellent shooting. I mean, outstanding under that kind of pressure. He was no gangbanger, those guys spray bullets without thought and children and innocent bystanders die. He got each one in a moving car.

      That’s the guy I want by MY side when in a fire fight.

    4. My guess is that the first time they came around looking for easy loot, he chased them off.

  27. “Tell us in the comments below if you think that law-abiding citizens have a right to protect themselves using firearms.”

    Here is my comment:


    #texas #iCarry

  28. Let us wait before we make rash decisions. Like, are we sure that these were not altar boys on the way to Saint Xavier’s Catholic Church for midnight mass? Or, maybe they were trying to protect the guy on the porch from some big, bad wild animal that was about to devour him? Or maybe they just bought these new guns at Academy and wanted to show them to a fellow gun fan?? I’m thinking more like they all three were convicted felons, looking for an easy mark to take down and found out “Don’t mess with Texas.. Especially North Houston”……

  29. I am all for the right to bear arms. I do feel that not everyone is a good a marksman and there is a chance of still getting killed. The police should be involved too! I still believe that the police are there for our protection and they can help if there is a threat.

  30. Congratulations sir way to protect your family and property you should get a gold medal these three won’t do it again thank you. Anyone that loots at a time like this should DIE

  31. Obviously the guy had no choice, but there is no information on why he was being shot at by the criminals. Was he also involved in criminal activity? Was he a witness to a crime? Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity or wrong address. Would be nice to know the facts behind the attack.

  32. Why do so many folks on here find it out of the ordinary for someone to sit on their porch in the evenings with their AR15? He’s not the only Texan that does that and in this time from of a severe natural disaster it’s normal for it to be common. That’s the way we are down here.

  33. I think it is great that he stopped them, unfortunately one still lives, for now anyway. It matters not what the homeowner is, was, does, or did, in this case he was in the right the whole time. I always said that practice makes for better results and when you are living in an amber state, you are always at the ready for worse case scenario. As for thieves and scumbaggers, shoot em while they still breath.

  34. Damn straight he had every right to protect his self and his property. After all Houston has been through idiots like those 3 still find the time to be up to no good. Need many more like this homeowner getting rid of parasites like the 3 thugs. Good job.

  35. Good. If more people do this, then thugs might think twice about looting, stealing, shooting and whatever other crime they are out to do. And, the guy on the porch saved the taxpayers a ton of money. Sweet.

  36. He’s probably going to wish the third guy died. He’s going to face a bunch of “wrongful death” suits now. Good ‘ole American court system

  37. I sure wouldn’t want to have an unloaded ar-15 lying around, because it would be useless. Lock and Load. Open season on looters. I’m sure the one living thug will spill his guts to the police, and blame everything on the home owner. It’s his word against the other,but I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew each other. The truth will be up to the investigator, and the Court Judge. God bless Texas.

  38. Why do you need an “assault rifle”*?
    Why do you need a high-capacity clipazine?

    Because stuff like this HAPPENS!!!

    *I know. It’s an inaccurate term created by sensationalist media.

  39. Well I don’t have much of a porch, but I have an AR-15 SLIGHTLY modified and loaded 40 round clips (magazines) along with 2 carry weapons, a 380 and a XDM40. I also have a KelTek fold up rifle that shoots the same loads as my XDM40 with 20 round clips.
    I practice some and shot competition for years with a Clarke made 1911 45. So I’m ready.
    Should I take up residence in Texas or do they have that covered?

  40. Someone said how could he just shot those things. It’s quite a fairly easy task.
    1. Sight picture on target
    2. Take a deep breath, let half of it out.
    3. Squeeze the trigger.. be surprised when the weapon goes off
    And 4. If need be you can do this and get a double tap off in a little overy a second

  41. Sometimes they do pick random targets. Initiates in gangs often have to commit random acts of violence to be accepted in the gang.

    That being said I get the feeling this man was preventing looters or was assumed to be racist by the thugs that opened fire.

  42. This is why we need the 2sd amendment, “because” there were no police there to stop drive by! Good Job Sir! You Must Be a Veteran!

  43. Good for the home owner but not why Second Amendment was created. Second Amendment was for slave holders to be able to band together as a “militia” to hunt down escaped slaves.

  44. Why is it always worded ” should law abiding citizens ” be able to protect themselves. Shouldn’t everyone have the right to protect themselves?

    1. Yes, except convicted felons lose their right to possess firearms. That seems prudent since they have a proven record of in ability to play nice with others.

  45. Yeeee Haaaaw !!! Go looking for trouble and it will find you !! These three scumbags got exactly what they deserved , now because of them being garbage their families are going to have to be embarrassed and ashamed of them !!! High Five to the homeowner !!!

  46. If more of this would end up like this the crime rate would go down drastically and definitely is what needs to start happening more often. Good job,I’m just glad your ok to bad the third one didn’t die as well!!!

  47. Sounds like the “marksman” and the ‘bangers knew each other to me. Ahow much money did this guy owe them and did he just save himself from having to pay it back?

  48. Thugs got what they deserved. Another example of why responible CCW is needed and neccessary in the current world we live in.

  49. Sad really….a dude sitting on his front porch, all legal like, with his AR as he is legally allowed to do…unfortunately, a few feral children (regardless of their age) see this and being to entertain thoughts of how much status and street cred they will get by doing a driveby style attack on him, foolish little idiot children that they are… for nothing more than their own entertainment probably… completely confused, appalled and aghast at the repercussions of their own behavior as their BP dropped to zero… their giggles of glee and adrenaline fueled excitement turned to horror by a Lawful Response to their uncivilized behavior… now their families will scream about how they were pillars of their community, good little boys that did nothing wrong their entire lives… how they didn’t deserve to die…. good riddance…. may their families forget their names and teach others not to be pieces of shit.

  50. Apparently his house was the target for an arson attack the night before. He was armed and ready the next evening.

    It was NOT a random attack. Something more is in play here.

  51. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.
    Good for the homeowner no matter if he knew the bad guys were coming for him or not. He won the argument in the end and his tale is the only that matters no matter what the survivor in the hospital has to say about it all IF he wakes up. More situations of this nature need this outcome

  52. Well now I’m going out on a limb here and can bet the farm the thugs didn’t have concealed weapons permits on them. So liberals, tell me how gun control that would take the AR-15 away from the home owner not effecting the thugs mentality regarding stupid useless gun laws, help this event. It wouldn’t be home owner 21/2 thugs 0, it would have been Thugs 1 home owner 0. And judging from the past year or so I would say that’s the score your all looking for.

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