Since the moment of signing his executive order on ban, the Media have tried to portray Trump as the bad guy who outlaws innocent and good-willed Muslim immigrants who are meek and do not cause violence whatsoever in the U.S. This is why the liberal and mainstream media are trying to conceal this story.

According to KIMT, the law enforcement agencies in Rochester, Minnesota are investigating a drive by shooting incident that happened on Sunday where one man was wounded.

The 33 year-old victim was visiting relatives in the city when he went outside for a smoke at around 10:40. He said that a couple of cars driven by Somalian immigrants confronted him and stopped. One of the Somalians then got out of a silver Honda Accord and shot at him several times.

Even though he received seven wounds from just two bullets ripping through his body, the man managed to crawl back inside the home and phone the police. He is now being nursed at St. Mary’s Hospital.

The man told police officers that the other vehicle was a maroon colored Impala. No apprehensions have been made since the accident and police are still trying to figure out a motive and discover the culprits.

So, there you have one more proof why Trump’s executive order on ban is a must. Although, it is also debatable whether some of the migrants in this country are getting belligerent after Trump signed his controversial order, or were hostile even prior to it. You decide for yourselves.

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VIA World Politicus


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