A road raging Muslim learned the hard way this week that you don’t mess with Texas.

It all started on a road in Houston, Texas, when two drivers got caught in a verbal altercation. Suddenly, Ziad Abu Naim, a 42 year-old Muslim, got out of his car “swinging” and violently approached the vehicle of Robert Craig Klimek, 43.

Bystanders feared the worst due to the size and anger of Naim, but then they heard a single pop which abruptly ended the altercation. Realizing his life was in danger, Klimek had pulled out his gun and shot Naim in the face.

According to Mad World News, Naim was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where doctors found that he was partially paralyzed. They told the press that he was only being kept alive by machines, and he eventually died of his injuries.

Meanwhile, Klimek was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but his lawyers are already claiming that it was self defense.

Of course, the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) has gotten involved, saying that they have evidence that this was a hate crime. CAIR claims that they have a witness who heard Klimek shout, “Go back to Islam,” before the physical confrontation.

How convenient for CAIR that they, not the police, were able to find someone who supports their hate crime accusations…

Unfortunately for CAIR, this doesn’t seem to be a hate crime at all. Instead, this seems to be a case of an American exercising their right to bear arms by protecting themselves with their weapon.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. It just happened that he was a Muslim, this incidents happens everyday in Texas drivers take their anger on the other ones and how can it be in self defense if the guy the Muslim did not have any arm with him. Why could the Texan could wait to calm him down or leave the scene. If both would be Texans this news wouldn’t be written like it was ” Don’t Mess with Texas” a life was lost just for road anger !! I’m sure the other man had a family and this is how we are loosing our principals, our faith.

    1. ” how can it be in self defense if the guy the Muslim did not have any arm with him”
      What? You’re joking, right? If someone comes at you how do know what that person is packing? And even if you know he isn’t unarmed, so what? I’m a retired Air Force PJ. If I go at someone unprovoked and he shoots me, it is definitely self-defense because I can dismantle most people with my hands.

      1. How do you know that the guy didn’t have a weapon? They mentioned his size, he was a very big man. That alone could be his weapon. Until it is investigated don’t make assumptions. As for him being a muslem, who cares???

        1. Oh, it was a hate crime, alright. Radicalized muslims hate Americans. They also hate Philippinos and are starting to kill them if they say they’re not muslim.

          Our housekeeper, who is fro the Philippines, says, “we lived in harmony for generations now, all of a sudden the muslims seem like they went crazy. They had to call out the army this week to protect my hometown. My uncle was shot because he panicked when asked if he was a muslim and couldn’t say anything so, they shot him dead where he stood . He was armed with a 3 ton vehicle.

        2. I’m a disabled Vet and if someone came at me swinging that is cause for SELF defense. The guy was swinging and the other guy fears for his life. If he would have stayed in his car like a normal LAW abiding citizen he would still be alive!

        3. I totally agree when it comes to Muslims heck they would use a pocket knife to try and cut your damn head off! I would shoot also if a Muslim tries to approach me they are not here to assimilate, so wake up America!

      2. obviuosly one of those stupids that still subscribes to the wait til its too late theory….he attacked the guy, and got what he came for ….a fight, unfortunately for him , the other person prevailed and defended himself……..too bad so sad, …shoulda kept his mouth shut, and guess what, I wouldn’t be taking inventory either… mess with the bull , get the horns…that;s it

        1. Seems clear to me, self defense! When someone is coming at you to do you harm, do you know their intent? Do you know their abilities, if they are armed? When do you decide that you don’t want them to harm YOU? I would vote to stop them before they lay hands on you! Or, you will be the mangled or dead “victim!” I’d say, the guy got what he was asking for! NEVER give up our right to or the means to self defense!

        2. I agree with your statement but before you call anyone stupid, you may want to look up how to spell OBVIUOSLY as there is no such word in our language.

          1. All you fools that think it wasn’t self defense has never had the shit kick out of them, and left along the road to DIE. And being it was a person of a group that believe if you aren’t one of them you need to die! What do you want the other person to do? Die because you fools are brainwashed to the point you are letting theme take over the USA!

          2. Why was it so important for you to inform a person commenting on this article of a spelling error? Does it make his statement less valid? Or does it make you seem like a big man as you’re so perfect?

      3. 110% agreed ! Fucking tired of the ‘Muslim’ BS and will never back down to one! One comes at me I would do the same think; shoot first and ask questions later!

      4. Came at the man swinging got justice for his muslim ass..they think they can just take this country…only good muslim is a dead one.and piss on alla quran islam jihad…take your camel fkn ass back where you belong

      5. actually he approached with what most would call violent intent … he was also a bigger person the the guy who shot him … now had he stayed in his car it would have been a different story .. just like you have the right to RUN OVER an idiot if they pose a threat to you while your in your car …. but hey want to play stupid games .. you win stupid prizes … the Muslim was in the wrong .. the other guy had a right to defend himself to what looked like a threat that was approaching him and was a much bigger person .. I say he got what he deserved !!!

      6. Rosemary Rosales….When attacked, one must defend themselves. How was he supposed to know the dude was not armed? And more importantly, how was he supposed to know he was muslim to construe it as a hate crime. The only hate there involved was hating to have to defend himself in the damn first place. How would you have defended yourself? If you had a weapon would you have used it? Even if it was a bat or mace? I am betting you would have! And if you had a gun..that too. Stop being so politically correct and self righteous!

    2. Be should have stayed in his car. I get cut off in traffic in Houston all the time. Yes, I get upset, but I don’t go after the person, because I’m in control of my actions. You want to get out of your car and come after me, I don’t know if you have a weapon or not. The same is true here. This guy could have pulled a knife or fun, he chose to swing at the guy. The man felt threatened, he pulled his weapon and ended the dispute. The dead guff mind obviously want in the right place and the other man didn’t know what he was capable of.
      I use to could handle myself in a fist fight, my body is to old and broke down for that. You come at me, I’ll take you down. I’m not taking the chance that you might kill me.

    3. Hey friend, when Muslims come to America there are rules. You do not and will not impose your will on us. Start spewing crap and trouble is waiting which is apparent what happened here. Consider yourself a lucky guest but that welcome may not last. If you don`t like America then America is not for you. Do you understand ?

      1. You stated it so right!!! If there’s a “hate crime”, it’s against the man who got out of his car & was being the aggressor toward the other man, who felt his life was threatened, & if my family was with me should this same scenario happen to me I will go for your jugular EVERY TIME!!!!

    4. Oh, it was a hate crime, alright. Radicalized muslims hate Americans. They also hate Philippinos and are starting to kill them if they say they’re not muslim.

      Our housekeeper, who is fro the Philippines, says, “we lived in harmony for generations now, all of a sudden the muslims seem like they went crazy. They had to call out the army this week to protect my hometown. My uncle was shot because he panicked when asked if he was a muslim and couldn’t say anything so, they shot him dead where he stood .

    5. Ms Rosales, I live in Houston, Road rage incidents do not happen every day on Houston Highways! Believe it or not Houston is safe place to live! Am retired Police Officer, when there is a Road Rage Incident, a lot of times the one who instigates it has some sort of weapon. Be it a gun, a knife, or tire tool. They always come at you with something, that is their mentality. If it wasn’t they would not have stopped and got out in the first place! I don’t know all the facts on this particular case, but, if the man felt threatened and could not protect himself, he had the right to shoot! No matter what race or religion of the Attacker! I too am a big person, and know how to cause damage to another person without a firearm. If I went at some unexpecting person and got shot, I would mark that down as a learning experience, or explain to my Maker why I did it in the first place!

    6. OH ya RIGHT !!! The Texan should have waited until the guy who was much bigger than him attacked him and possibly killed him. Take a seat you sound like an idiot liberal muslim lover.

    7. If he yelled God is great and started to attack the Muslim, give him a gold star. He just said go back, thing called freedom of speech no matter how hateful(which it wasn’t) what if he said anything. Hate speech is protected for Muslims but not white American’s. Making special laws for Muslims when their always has and always been more against the Jewish people.

    8. Lame as fuk.All it takes is one punch in the right area of the body and you are dead.Apparently you need to stop watching tv.Many times a person will get out acting crazy ,fool you into fighting and pull a gun.You never know what to expect in a fight.He was defending himself.

    9. it is happening all over since the moslems think they are above our laws n ways.
      sorry they are not blend in or get out

    10. You must protect yourself against these ignorant savages ,it doesn’t mean a thing to them to kill a infidel, he was right in shooting this fool and protecting himself which is legal in Texas !!!

    11. Americans keep defending yourselves. Defend against anyone who poses a threat to you or your family whatever color whatever religious belief defend yourself

  2. I think is an untruthful statement from the witness, how this person who is accused to call him “Go back to Islam” how he will know that he was a Muslim? How could he determined if the Muslim had a weapon? This doesn’t sound right to me. Now in this days, there are so many people that are insulting whites in general because of their color. The judge needs more evidence about the connections of the Muslim and his criminal background.

    1. yea and how does one go back to Islam .. I can understand Syeria or one of the other countrys but how do you go back to a Religion .. when if the fact is true he was a Muslim then he is already Islam .. but of course the so called Witness is probley full of BS this is just the Terrorist Group called CAIR trying to push more of their Agenda in order to make it easier to try to Convert the USA into Islam

  3. He should have killed him fuck Islam we the people don’t want the middle Eastern Scum of the Earth here I wish let that man go free it was self-defense burn the Quran. Put Mohammed the child molester and rapest bunch of crybaby Muslim pigs

    1. I saw it all go down right in front of me..The man that was shot had it coming ..He was out of control when he got outta his car and almost ran trying too get that gentleman ..I had already pull my firearm out and layed in in my lap..People need too wake up..The muzzy race wants nothing better that too kill us and turn this country into a shit hole like the country they came from..This was self defense if I’ve ever seen it,.

  4. Look up the Texas casthe law we have. If you were in fear of your life you have the right to use deadly force. And he got to the car first so it’s his fault

  5. muslims are killing people right now i would shot if confronted by one jihad is a crazy fucking thing in my book. how do you identify an extremist sharia law obeying muslim from a peaceful one???? you tell me that and i can see a muslim an not (profile them as bombers). really how do i tell sharia followers.

  6. This has nothing to do with faith or color. If the person felt he was in danger from someone attacking him then he is in the right.

  7. The Muslims are coming here to invade, rob our welfare system, and eliminate all whites and Christians. Islam was banned here I. 1952! Why do we have them in America at all? They are here to take our country for themselves and dominate the world! Muslims must be eliminated if the world is to survive!

  8. unless the muslim contagion are ashamed of their so called ‘faith’, how is being told to ‘go back to islam’ hateful anyway!? these retards that subscribe to a medieval ideology founded by a pedophile are beyond help as long as they remain followers of this unholy cause.

  9. Good job! I hope it was a hate crime! Muzzie scum think they can act like barbarians here in our country like they did in theirs. Surprise! Hope he dipped his bullets in pigs blood too!

  10. This is a case of self defense. In this scenario however, it would have been better to stay in the car if someone is going to attack with no weapon. We can only speculate at this point. If you’re in Texas stay in your car and call the police and insurance company if need be. Since the aggressor was a Muslim, he could have been wearing an exploding vest (made famous by suicide bombers) and warranted a shot to the face. I believe that we all want the Muslims to go back anyway.

  11. it was self defense and Muslims should not always think its about them, they ain’t special just cause they are Muslim, they should be sent back home if they don’t like our way of life and the Majority of us will not agree with Sharia Law

  12. Fuck Islam, Fuck their pedophile prophet, and fuck CAIR. Your caliphate ends here you cult of liars and rapists and thugs will figure out very quick, the left is dying, they can’t won’t and couldn’t save you sick goat rapers from the patriots in this country. We will wipe your cancer from the earth and turn your desert, and God, into radioctive glass. God Bless America, ISLAM BEWARE

  13. First off, someone angrily gets out of their car to approach you, you have no idea what to expect. Maybe he is armed, maybe be isn’t. I wouldn’t want to take that chance.

    Secondly, why the heck is CAIR getting involved. This seems to be a dispute between two people. Awfully racist of CAIR to presume the person who left the car had good intentions while only knowing he was Moslim, don’t you think?

  14. I would have shot him too,,,actually if you’re in fear for your life,,and you are packing heat– who wouldn’t have reacted in the same way. Here in Missouri,we have the Castle Law,,but don t shoot to wound,,the perp can then sue you,so,direct quote from a county Sheriff” shoot to kill, not wound”. I totally agree and I’m packing, almost 70,but don’t mess with me,,I’m DEADLY !

    1. your so right besides the cair organization breaks the mccarren act of 1952 deport all these rabid dogs.

  15. I would have shot him too,,,actually if you’re in fear for your life,,and you are packing heat– who wouldn’t have reacted in the same way. Here in Missouri,we have the Castle Law,,but don t shoot to wound,,the perp can then sue you,so,direct quote from a county Sheriff” shoot to kill, not wound”. I totally agree and I’m packing, almost 70,but don’t mess with me,,I’m DEADLY !BTW. I’m not even 5’2″ and a lady,, guess that makes me an LOL,,little old lady!


    1. TC wrong. Bet you don’t live in Texas, or Houston. If they call me to jury duty on this he walks. I live in Houston, Texas.

    2. TC, how would one know if the attacker was armed? What kind of training did he have to do you harm? I would not be apt to let him lay hands on me, to find out! NOT when he’s obviously intent on attacking ME! Would you? Wait until he cut your throat maybe, to see what he had in mind? I don’t think so! Not I! Seems clearly self defense!

  17. Fuck the cair and all the ragheads that support radical Islam. They are no better then baby rapers and woman beaters.

  18. Well.. Ya get outa your car in a road rage situation an your taking your life into your own hands.. This guy gambled.. The texan called his bluff and the muslim lost.. Moral to this story is dont get carried away in road rage situations.. You just might get your ticket to the holyland punched for an express ride.. No 72 virgins for you pal.. Lol your god will be disappointed. L

  19. I would think if you have guts enough to get out of your car & come to my car throwing punches you better expect to get blown away, i don’t care what race you are.I am 73 so I can’t fight anymore but I think we should protect ourselves anyway we can. Muslims need to go home & get out of the USA.

  20. HEY – I’m a native Texan. You – a much larger physical person – get out of your car and come swinging at me – you bet I’m gonna protect myself and the grandkids I may have in the car with me. Has nothing to do with Islam….or Muslim……although, I don’t care if they were any of those things. Self-defense. Stay in your car dummie……

  21. That’s one less raghead to help bring the nation down. Kudos to the Texan for exerting his right to self-defense!

  22. You do realize that even a single blow can kill you right people? What if this Mr. Ziad Abu Naim had pulled Mr. Robert Craig Klimek out of his vehicle and proceeded to attack him out of rage and killed him? This is why people carry weapons. Not everyone can fight off an attacker. I have said it many times and I will say it again “Play stupid games win Stupid prizes.” At 42 years old I can guarantee this is not the first time that Mr. Naim has been involved in a incident like this. I am not siding with Mr. Klimek because I do not have all the facts and I am not a member of his jury, but come on the only this reason this incident was even written about is because Mr. Naim was a Muslim. He made a bad choice and got angry and now is dead. Let this be a life lesson to everyone, let shit go.

  23. This is insanity the only good thing is if the charge is upgraded you can bet he will be found NOT GUILTY> The problem is the charge should be downgraded to a small fine. when idiots and politics get involved nobody wins. Even if he did tell someone to leave America this is not a hate crime when the idiot comes up to his window and starts punching him it is plain and simple self defense. My guess is the man never did say anything the victim came up to his window first. I spent much of my life beating the shit out of people who refused to move out of the fast lane and were holding me up at 75 or 80 MPH when I drove home at over 100 MPH daily. I would always invite them to pull over. They would always run up to my sports car and smash on the window. I loved breaking their arms or their ribs. One time it was one of my best Martial Arts students. We LOL back then I never saw a court room. Today life is much wimpier.

  24. Unarmed, possibly, does not mean defenseless nor unable to be a danger to others. A younger guy could take me out with his fists these days. I am classified as elderly and handicapped with heart issues. I can get around, but not like I did 20 years ago. Drive away in Houston traffic? Obviously, you do not know Houston traffic. There is no where to drive away to.

  25. Got what he deserved…he should have stayed in his vehicle…the other guy had no way of knowing if he may have had any kind of weapon on him.and he was the aggressor…

  26. This never should’ve escalated to the point of ANY violence at all. As it did, the aggressor gambled and it didn’t pay off. Texas laws of self-defense does NOT cater to special interest groups. Obviously the aggressor should’ve thought about this before he threw the first punch. You have a right to defend yourself here and IMHO if somebody is punching you repeatedly then you should reasonably expect to suffer severe bodily injury and therefore the use of deadly force is justified. Muslims think people here owe them something just because they are Muslims. They are going to find out the hard way this attitude will not provide for their survival in Texas.

  27. Get out of your car waving your arms and screaming at me most likely you will get shot no matter what frigging country you come from. I will do what ever I need to do to protect my life. Now so more than ever. Never leave home without it….

  28. They want to protect their special interest.I doubt the man told the Moslem to go back to Islam.Especially on a hwy . That crap is made up he ain’t just stopped and rolled down his window. Don’t mess with Texas are the south!

  29. WHY does there have to be so much HATE in our world?I know how frustrating driving on highly congested roads are both seems people do not understand each other, just fight and kill. Get into an argument, tempers flare, people killed. When will this stop?

    1. Sorry, but don’t be naive, research history – humans have been at each others throats since the year dot.
      Meanwhile, wake up & learn how to protect yourself as best you can because our cushy little lifestyle is about to get ripped out from under us & your “leaders” are doing nothing to stop it.

  30. This could happen to any one of us!! This is why we need to carry!! Obama promised them freedom!! Since we now are not free… We need to be armed…Seems to be happening in every part of our country! It’s like the old Wild West!

    1. Yes, Australia, England & other countries that have basically banned gun ownership (especially concealed carry) & their citizens will discover just how stupid that law was when Muslims get to their required numbers & decide to turn off Taqiyya & go full retard.

  31. The most common word in Islamic doctrine describing non-Muslims (all of us) is kafir: Arabic for the lowest form of life on earth, hated by Allah. How they treat us is in whatever manner their clerics dictate, determined by the situation. Without their cleric nearby, offense by one of us Cockroaches will be addressed as the Muslim feels appropriate to the situation, as the deceased tried to do.

  32. “Islam” is a religion, not a place… so the witness, obviously is a foreigner and is lying about what they heard!

  33. Y’all are missing the point. What the hell is a “HATE” crime? Are they telling us that we can’t tell someone to “Go back to Islam”? Are they telling us we can’t HATE people? Isn’t this freedom of speech? Islam is not a country, it’s an ideology. Telling someone that does not grant them the right to get out of the car and attack you. The aggressor in this case is the Muslim. He reaped the consequences of attacking someone who was armed. CAIR is trying to skirt around the First Amendment rights of Americans. They should be shot down immediately, figuratively speaking, of course.

  34. How would you know someone’s religion if you have never met them? MUSLIM women wear a head covering ( not all) but the men don’t dress any different do they?

  35. If you’re a loudmouthed Muslim scumbag, starting trouble, threatening people, attacking people, obstructing traffic, and generally being a stinking, ugly nuisance, I GO NO PROBLEM WITH YOU GETTING YOUR HEAD OR YOUR CHEST, OR YOUR GUT OPENED UP, AND ALL YOUR BLOOD POURING OUT. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. PEACE-LOVING, SANE AMERICAN CITIZENS, LIKE I AM, ARE SICK OF YOUR CRAP, AND WE WANT YOU GONE. NOW. GIT. Was I unclear?


  37. Self defense, all the way.
    Having said that, you ever notice, that if a Muslim is the victim, it can be called a hate crime, but if it is a Christian———-“nothing to see here folks. Move along, move along.”

  38. i still think the “hate crime” idea is stupid. murder is murder (if it is murder) and doesnt need the added “hate crime” thing to make it bad.

  39. It is a hate crime. The Muslim came at the Texan with road rage and hate to kill him. I took self defense in college. Professor said like for like defense. Considering the size and swinging of this Muslim, I would consider this as a threat to my life. This man knew that Texas allows carrying of weapons. He could have come up to the car window and drew his gun. CAIR is a terrorist organization, I do not believe anything they say.

  40. So everytime a person defends himself from a person of another ethnic group itx racism? Give me a break, it’s laughable.

  41. He supposedly said, “Go back to islam”? Everyone with a brain knows islam is a cult religion, NOT A PLACE. The CAIR reps are making false statements due to their lack of understanding linguistics.

  42. Self Defense, Seems to me- every last one of these inbred sodomites should get the same treatment–WORLDWIDE-
    There are NO Good muslims, they all read the same terrorist manual, written by a false prophet.

  43. I need to know the whole story. Who was the victim of road rage here? Labeling as a hate crime I think dumb and trying to make a example out of this guy…If they charge murder charges on him, then all the police officers who shoot someone because they thought they were a danger should be charged with murder to.. The guy probably shouldn’t have said what he said. But with crazy leftist die hard on bringing dangerous people into this country that are at the very least trouble makers and want to bring in their own systems of laws that are not compatible with western laws, are creating a environment that is not good and is going to cause major problems. Americans and people in the western world have to learn that these people are not our friends…Certain sects might be peaceful and are OK with our way of life and just want to get along. I can’t judge people’s hearts or intentions only God can do that…How many can say they never yell something at someone on the spur of the moment and later think we shouldn’t of said that. I know have. When emotions are high and you feel like you have been wronged or treated wrong or someone being reckless….Probably the best I say is this situation need’s a lot of prayer. If the driver being charged was not being apart of the road rage, I think the ruling should be self defense. If he is guilty as well then probably aggravated assault maybe 2nd degree murder or man slaughter. Was the guy egging on the Muslim who was shot, trying to get him to attack him so he can shoot him? Then we are talking murder….
    I will say that people who want to label hate crimes all the time and mean while are trying make us receive people who don’t have us or our way of life in their best interest need to wakeup! Because you are creating a problem that there are going to be many innocent peoples lives are going to be ruined, rapes and crimes. These people will not play by your rules. Don’t believe me just watch what is happening in other European countries!

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