When I was a kid, I don’t remember girls beating the crap out of each other the way they do today. It seems to be commonplace now. That’s really sad when you think about. It means our culture has devolved to the point of viciousness being tolerated everywhere we go now, even among our children.

I believe in defending yourself if someone attacks you. But I also believe that this is just wrong. The girl who started it should go to jail, regardless of her age. She’s little more than an animal. Even the guy who was catching it on video asked why the black girl’s friend didn’t say something. But that’s where his manhood ended. He wanted to see a chick fight. Just detestable.

From Right Wing News:

Are you a fan of UFC? Do you like to see opponents smash each other into the ground? How about two teenage girls that come to blows over some ill-spoken words? I preferred it when girls acted proper…and left the stupid to the boys.

I hate this stuff and I really hate it when girls participate in it. Some may call it misogynistic. I call it decency.

It’s not entertaining to watch one kid beat the living hell out of another. Would you not be ashamed of your kid? Fighting to protect and defend is perfectly alright, especially if its another you are defending. But this junk? Kids, go home. Go do your homework and let the loser squabble in the streets.WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW