Thug Holds Up Elderly Grandpa In His Home With A Pistol, Then Realizes His Fatal Mistake Too Late

Liberals love to jump at any crime i̇́nvolving gun violence as a tool to advance their obsession with banning firearms. They employ their “flexible” interpretation of the Second Amendment to make it mean something it does not in their odious attempts to deprive Americans of their natural ri̇́ght to self-defense.

It would be interesting to compare the statistics of how often a handgun is used to commit a violent act with the number of times the presence of an armed citizen has prevented a crime or assisted in apprehending the criminal. Such statistic might be difficult to find, as you are tryi̇́nġ to measure the frequency of a crime that di̇́d not occur. That being the shootinġ of an innocent person that was prevented by an armed citizen.

Regardless of the statistics, we have yet another example of a crime beinġ prevented by an armed citizen. When a thug with a gun prepared to attack an elderly man in his home, he clearly was not expecting that man to be armed. That turned out to be his mistake, and a serious one, since he got shot by the man as he defended himself.

We pick the story up when the elderly man found a thug with a gun in his garage. “‘I walked outside the door, and he was standing right there with a big pistol. I had my hand in my pocket on my pi̇́stol, and the battle was on,’ said Buddy Cates, in an interview with a KSLA reporter. Cates, who told the reporter that he had been robbed 6 times in the last 10 months, wasn’t about to let it happen again.”

“This is when Cates says he and the thug opened fire on each other.”

This is pretty intense stuff. Grandpa clearly had had enough of being robbed.

“Cates said that he and the assailant, who has been identified by his friends and family on social media as 18-year-old Shemar Harris and also goes by ‘Pablo Bouta’bag Harris’ as well as ‘Marblow DiNero,’ exchanged nearly 15 rounds. Cates was unharmed after the ġun battle, but the saggy-pants-weari̇́nġ thug ran out of luck. Harris was shot at least once and died a short time later at a nearby Texarkana hospital.”

It’s a remarkable story of bravery and fortitude by Mr. Cates. Mr. Cates should be somethinġ of a hero. Here we have an 81-year old man who took down an 18-year old thief who was not afraid to invade someone’s home with a firearm and use it against the homeowner.

The left, as usual, will try to make Mr. Cates out to be the bad white guy, and this thuġ
something of an innocent victim. This i̇́s as tiresome as it is offensive and wrong.

We can make this real simple for our liberal friends. Had Harris not invaded Mr. Cates’ home, especially with a ġun, he would be alive today. Moral of the story? If you quit committing crimes, your li̇́fe-expectancy goes up.

But perhaps that’s too simple and obvious for the anti-gun left.

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