Sean Hannity Just Got Earth Shattering News One Month After Returning To Old Time Slot

Sean Hannity just got some splendid news from Middle America. After Fox News made a few lineup changes they decided to return Sean Hannity to his former position.
There were even rumors running around for the reason and most assumed it was to combat the rise in MSNBC’s ratings.
They actually struck liberal gold with their Trump Bashing and Conspiracy theories that Maddow likes to dabble in from time to time.
Sean Actually provided the antidote that Middle America needed, as the new ratings clearly show. We can now see that Sean’s return is a triumphant one indeed.
In his original 9 PM timeslot, Sean Hannity’s show utterly obliterated the competition. He was the most watched cable news personality for the entire month of October with a devastating 3.2 million total viewers.
To make it even better Sean garnered 686K eyeballs in the 25-54 age bracket advertisers salivate over.
Rachel Maddow also heard from Middle America though she didn’t like what we said.
She fell off a cliff and dropped to third place with 2.5 million views behind even Tucker Carlson who grabbed 2.8 million total viewers.
It seems that America is sick with all those Trump Bashings that the liberal news throw at us. We really don’t even get offended anymore, you have named him every name under the sun, and still, you got nowhere. Just give up or give in.
We want the simple truth, or at least something in the close proximity and Sean is that media outlet that we want. He can speak to the common folk and he understands how we feel. He doesn’t patronize us and most of all he does not speak out of emotion.
We Congratulate you, Sean, you deserve every moment in the spotlight. We hope that you will continue to bring us the news with hard facts and keep defending our President Trump. Share if you agree!

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