The most dangerous people often don’t look dangerous at all. That’s what this man found out at some kind of dance party when he thought he could force a woman to dance with him against her will.

A man who is being described as an “Indian Muslim” appeared to carelessly grab the woman, clearly expecting her to submit to his advances and go along with whatever he had planned.

The problem for him was that she appeared much more ready for physical confrontation that he did.

The man’s persistence can be seen in the video, allowing himself to engage the clearly more capable female fighter.

The whereabouts of the event were unknown, but the man’s actions appear to be consistent with the law of Islam which place men’s rights above the rights of women.

According to strict interpretations of Shariah law, women in the Islamic faith are prohibited from defending themselves from accusation in the way that men may be able to, and when there’s question about the way a sexual incident occurred, it’s women who often find themselves being punished for being victims of a sex crime. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:


  1. this is what is going to take to stop them, pack them up and send them home, we dont want or need thm here!

    1. Love e this girl! Every woman has rights are these Muslims will soon realize America woman will NOT stand for this crap. Sharia Law does not belong here in America period!

  2. Good for her, muslim men think less of a women then a goat. They have no respect and their ideals should not be allowed in America. Send them all back to where they came from.

  3. He should have gotten that ass whipping even if he did nothing to cause it ! They all should one, just because the are goat humpers !!

  4. The Surah “The Book of Woman” Is excoriating at best and vile at worst. A woman is only worth half as much as a man, she should be beaten if she doesn’t obey you and you are allowed to kill her if she even is caught standing near a male not of her family…..

  5. Aw. They cut it. I just wanted to see it pounded into the pavement and the bloody aftermath. Nothing quite like a Muslim getting the crap beat out of them. Maybe a thug black who deserves it but this is close.

  6. I am sick these Muslim Men Think they have power over a woman. Force a woman, assault, rape or even kill?? That is the law of Islam. Well we here in USA refuse to bow down to your ridiculous treatment. Your all crazy. Have no place in our Country.

  7. I would love it were it not for the fact that she likely suffered significant penalties for her actions. I hope she is OK.

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