President Trump’s Border Wall Has One New Feature That Enrages Senate Democrats

The elusive border wall has been on the agenda for nearly a year and still, it seems, the Republicans in Congress are dead set on stalling its integration into the American southern landscape. Like an odd addiction to saying “no” to Donald Trump, the Swamp RINOs appear to be on a collision course with history as they test the limits of American patience by putting up roadblocks to Trump’s agenda. But all that is beginning to change.

Along the course of this endeavor to make America safer and more secure from drugs, crime and terror, our president has run headlong into a wall of his own. Quite sure that the will of the American people would finally win over the RINOs, Trump’s hopes of getting a viable agenda passed before one year is up seemed for a while to be a fantasy.

The new Senate homeland security spending bill that has been talked about very sparingly by the Democrats and is finally being paid some attention by the Republicans. The Senate has not been very generous to the president when it comes to fulfilling promises, however, in this particular situation, the Republicans have pulled together, promising $1.6B in its first installment for Trump’s wall!

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The Washington Times:

Senate Republicans included $1.6 billion for the first installment of President Trump’s border wall in the new homeland security spending bill they released Tuesday, keeping the president’s marquee immigration promise on track.

While avoiding the term “wall,” the Senate bill calls for $1.6 billion in funding for “physical barriers” and border roads — matching Mr. Trump’s original request for money to build or repair fencing along 74 more miles of the U.S.-Mexico line.

The homeland security measure is one of a series of spending bills the GOP released Tuesday as they geared up for an end-of-year battle over 2018 funding.

“This legislation will help enhance border security, provide relief from natural disasters, and help adapt to evolving threats against our country,” said Sen. John Boozman, Arkansas Republican and chairman of the subcommittee that oversees homeland security money.

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Mr. Trump had requested money to build new fencing in one part of Texas, to erect new levee wall along the Rio Grande in another part of Texas, and then to repair old fencing in San Diego.

The House has already passed a security-spending bill with the money included.

But Sen. Patrick Leahy, Vermont Democrat and vice chairman of the Appropriations Committee, called inclusion of the wall money a mistake.

“This is bumper sticker budgeting to save face for one of President Trump’s failed campaign promises,” he said.

He said the money could have gone to education, food assistance for the poor, new infrastructure or other needs he said were more pressing.

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Senator Leahy may feel that the wall funding saves face for Trump, but the truth of the matter is that the funding actually saves face for the RINOs, many of whom are up for reelection bids in 2018 and appear to be in trouble politically.

As for more urgent needs like education, food assistance for the poor, and new infrastructure, I wonder where the Stimulus money under President Obama went if not for those “more pressing” needs. Is it possible that the money then was squandered on paybacks to the unions who assisted in getting Obama elected? Hmm…

Source: The Washington Times


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