In many other parts of the country inundated with liberal political correctness, entitled Muslim immigrants are finding it rather easy to impose their will and religion on America.

But time and again, they are learning the hard way that you don’t mess with Texas.

When a large road-raging Muslim man got out of his car to assault a Texas man near Houston, it was the last mistake he’d ever make.

The two men reportedly exchanged words before the Muslim, Ziad Abu Naim, got out of his Porsche and tried to punch Robert Craig Klimek through the window of his BMW.

Realizing the danger he was in, Klimek pulled out a gun and shot Naim in the face.

Unsurprisingly, the terrorist-linked Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling it a “hate crime” after claiming Klimek told Naim “go back to Islam” before shooting him.

The only problem with that is even if Klimek said those words, that in itself isn’t a crime.

But punching a man through his car window is. And, if that’s the way it went down, then Klimek’s plea of self defense is valid.

What do you think? Was Klimek justified in resorting to deadly force?



  1. in my opinion muslims are enemies to our american people and have openly said they will kill us… Any one who shoots and kills a muslim should be aquited before even court , just everybody go home.. THEY NEED TO LEAVE OUR LAND !!!! WE DON”T WANT THEM HERE!!! I SAY NO PUNISHMENT < LET HIM GO HOME FREE AND THANK HIM

    1. This Muslin immagrant crap started with Bill Clinton.When the Clintons came to the White House the immagrant quota was 30,000 a year.By the end of his term it was a hundred thiusand an climbing.Nothing was ever done about over quota on Immagrants from the Bushes to Obamas white Hous Failure.Then Obama with Hillary,s help began open border policy to immigrate a 150K a year immagrant policy.Why?Heres why Democrats use the Humaine racist card to implant massive people from abroad with the Democratic Presidencies to try an over run the Republican voter base with Immagrants.When they enter the check points in Customs they are given free everything to exist in America tax payer funded.Next they sre given a place to stay tax payer funde.Then given a name if they dont have one;Next an Illegal viter regustration form an signed up to the Democratic Party so Conveniently.One big Mistake the Demoncrats did though was to find the biggest most populated countries in the world that had massive people in destress that would come to the U S on a heart beat.Guess where;You got the first guess right:The Middle East Muslim States.Now see here the democratic Immagrant perk is causing massive American Islamic Rejections. the Demoncrats have created a full fleged Social Religious internal rejection from traditional Religious Americas.Not just one American Religion all of them.It will end eventually when our Govermant sees the danger in bringing an evasive religious sect to America that will endsnger normal Americans original Constitionsl Conservative rights that Influx immagrants do not take seriously to prevent their rejection to our citizens ways of life.We died for this religious right in many nloody civil wars and American Patriots will do it again in a heartbeat.

    2. Yes, they are the enemies!!!! Why are we allowing the Americans to take abuse from this pos Muslims. Their stinky asses act like this is their Country but it is not!!! I say we need to defend ourselves from these pathetic animals. They are the most disgusting pos I have ever seen in my life. They are so arrogant in grocery stores too, proudly displaying their food stamp cards (EBT) and seem to just rub it in that most of us Americans have to dig in our own pockets to pay. This is bullshit. They have way overstayed their welcome now the government, ICE and whomever has got to get them the hell out of here before they try and destroy us all. Just like they said they would do and that is their goal. To take over America completely. This has got to stop. I couldn’t care less if they were thrown in a whole the size of texas and lit on fire til they all died. I hate them,.

    3. Klimek is my HERO!!!!! It’s time we start standing up for ourselves and not taking any of their bullshit. Muslims are the worse people on earth and why in the hell were they ever allowed to come to our country is what I want to know!!!!

  2. cair should not be covered by our CONSTITUTION. They are enemies of the USA AND ARE DOMESTIC TERRORIST……DEPORT THAT WHOLE GROUP…

  3. Going up to a man’s car and punching him through the window is the same as walking up to a mans house, and punching him when he opens the door. Assaulting a man in his own house (or car) gives the victim the right to protect himself by any means necessary… including the use of firearms.

  4. If he is smart, he will plead temporary insanity. Hate crime? lslam is a religion not a race, anyone can choose it. If someone said, go back to Jesus, how could you be offended? If someone said, go back to Buddha, is that offensive?

  5. The muslim attacked this man, he could very well had a knife or a gun and he put himself in that position with his high and mighty beliefs that he had the right to do this. I would have shot him too it was self defense and the Muslim used violence to start it all.

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