Leftists Want to Get Rid of Father’s Day and Replace it With This Holiday… Yes, Seriously

The Leftists have been trying to completely write off the existence of men in our society. They have been radicalizing feminism, and have convinced many that the enemy is the straight white male. America’s Freedom Fighters are fighting back, and they have been loud and clear about their message for the Left. They will not be tolerating the ridiculous request that the latest left-wing cause in Australia has pitched… changing the name of Father’s Day.

In an effort to not “hurt anyone’s feelings” the Left is fighting to rename Father’s Day. They are claiming that since not everyone has a dad, it is insensitive to be celebrating dads at all. Now we are getting really ridiculous with the safe spaces here. We can’t get upset at every little thing, and we certainly can’t change around holidays because someone doesn’t celebrate it. Should we also get rid of Christmas because not everyone celebrates it? The Left is taking it way too far this time. And we know the reason they are trying so hard to erase Father’s Day from our calendars. They are trying to minimize the importance of men all together.

The Leftists fighting to rename Father’s Day are stating that we must celebrate “different family structures.” They explained that gay families must be included as well. My question for them is simple. Why can’t we celebrate gay dads on Father’s Day and gay moms on Mother’s Day? I don’t see why renaming Father’s Day would even be an option.

Red Ruby Scarlet

Early childhood studies “expert” Red Ruby Scarlet has made these ludicrous statements, and is leading he charge to change the name of Father’s Day. She wants the holiday to be renamed from Father’s Day to “Special Persons’ Day.” Is this a damn joke? This woman has seriously got some issues to work on if she can’t let dads just have their day.

The Federalist Papers reported:

According to “Today Tonight” the idea is growing in support across the nation of Australia. In fact, this idea is even being implemented in some schools across the country. Scarlet denies that this is political correctness in any form, instead stating this is simply “fair.”

“Why are we calling this political correctness when in fact it’s about our rights?”

She also claims there is a ton of research to back up her crazy talk and that this move should not in any way be deemed controversial.

Where to begin? The best that can be said about this is that it’s pointless. Somehow, fatherless children have managed to survive and thrive despite Father’s Day, and the holiday hasn’t prevented people from celebrating important relatives other than fathers.

But the problem is more than that. Concern for children is just a pretext; liberals’ real goal, as always, is to make the very concept of the family so vague as to be meaningless — leaving society with only one rigid, defined institution remaining: government.

We have got to make it clear to all Liberals that we won’t tolerate their nonsense anymore, and we certainly aren’t going to allow them to change the name of Father’s Day to “Special Persons’ Day.” This is a completely unreasonable request on their part, and things are not going to end in their favor, that’s for sure. Let’s preserve our holidays and keep honoring the all of the dads out there.  SOURCES: DAILY MAIL, FOX NEWS , NEWS.COM.AU (Featured Image Is Fabricated To Highlight Absurdity Of This Movement)


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