In the video this douche is seen arguing with the couple in a car park. It quickly escalates, and like the coward he is, throws a shot at the woman hitting her clean in the chin.
That’s when shit hits the fan and her boyfriend sees red.

Whenever I see these videos where some low life scumbag hits a woman, in front of her man none the less, I wonder what they think is going to happen next?

Do they think that the guy is just going to bury his head in the sand and wait until they get home so his lady can break up with him and he can forever run that day back in his mind, wondering why he is such a wimp?

I do not know a guy in the world who would not nut up and bust this clowns face in if put in this situation … then again I only know Republicans, maybe if my buddies were cucks I would have a different outlook on this …

I would lay odds the guy who hits the woman in this video voted for Hillary, or at least hates Trump, and if I’m right you are about to watch him get EXACTLY what he deserves …