Deputy Spots Lone Man at Gas Station, Then Man Tells Deputy What’s Behind Him

 After all of the violence towards police all over the United States in the last few years it has become more and more scary to be a member of the police force. With the rising number of Black Lives Matter members, no police department is safe. There are so many mornings that we wake up to news stories of cops being brutally murdered by “social justice warriors”. We’re not sure if these dumbasses actually think that ALL cops are bad or if they are simply killing as many of our police force as they can in order to prove a point. Regardless, members of the police force all around our country remain on edge and are constantly watching their backs.

You can imagine the uncomfortable feeling Lake County sheriff’s deputy David Causey had when he was filling up his gas tank one evening and noticed a man watching his every move.

Causey stated on his Facebook account, “I noticed this gentleman show up out of nowhere, standing behind my patrol car scanning the area (apparently better than I had been).”

Causey finished filling up his gas tank and decided to approach the man to see why he was watching the cop so carefully. Causey, unsure of the man’s motives, was cautious as he made his way over to the man. We all expect these types of stories to end with the cop being brutally attacked, maybe even killed, but not this story. It didn’t end like that.

Upon approaching the man Causey confronted the man and asked why he had been so carefully watching as Causey filled his gas tank. The elderly gentlemen replied “thank you sir for what you do. I have your back.”

Causey posted to Facebook, “I just kind of stood there in shock, that an elderly man was willing to possibly put himself in danger to help me, a complete stranger.”

The man didn’t stick around for long after Causey finished filling up his tank. Fortunately, Causey did take a picture of the man while he was guarding the patrol car. The man was later identified as Casey DeLoach, a 73-year-old Army veteran. It has been reported that Mr. DeLoach has been helping watch the backs of many officers at gas stations all over since 2015 when Texas deputy Darren Goforth was murdered while filling his tank.

It’s people like Mr. Deloach who are helping rebuild our trust and respect for our officers. Instead of assuming the worst of everyone in a position of power, maybe it’s time that we start helping them do their jobs to the best of their ability. Think about it, when you’re in trouble the first phone call you make is 911. Don’t you want police there when you need them? It’s about time we’re there for them when they need us.


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