Ball Brothers Receive Some Brutal News From International Teams

It doesn’t seem that LaVar Ball’s initial plan has been working for him or his sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo. From what we can see, their second plan doesn’t look like such a winner either. It seems that the “other” two Ball brothers are looking for jobs in Europe, which isn’t an easy feat.

LiAngelo Ball has reportedly left UCLA after he was suspended for shoplifting while on a trip to China. LaMelo Ball reportedly left his former high school in order to be home schooled by his father, who seems to have a lot of time on his hands these days. From what we hear, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to well for them either.

Bleacher Report explained that Team Ball called MoraBanc ANdorra, which is a Spanish club, in order to see if they wanted to possibly sign the brothers.

The team’s general manager, Frencesc Solana didn’t seem very enthused about the prospect.

Solana explained, “LiAngelo and LaMelo were offered to our team, both kids, looking for a deal in Europe. Money isn’t an issue to them, but they have zero experience, so it’s difficult to take them seriously. I don’t know what to do with the dad, LaVar Ball (laughs). This isn’t a good or normal situation.  I don’t like it, we are not going to sign them.”

This isn’t normal? He’s joking, right?

Scandone Avellino’s general manager, which is a top team from Italy is even more dismissive, however. Nicola Alberani stated, “I think all the loud noise LaVar Ball makes is fake. It’s to promote his Big Baller Brand and sell merchandise. That works in the U.S., it doesn’t work overseas.”

Is LaVar really trying to market Big Baller? Is this some kind of joke?

Avellino went on to add,  “I don’t see LiAngelo or LaMelo playing on a real competitive team that wants to win. In Europe, we have to win; this isn’t entertainment basketball.”

Eric McCollum, the brother of Portland Trail Blazer star C.J. McCollum seemed to back up Avellino’s statement.

McCollum, a former EuroCup MVP, explained, “Best player development teams would be in the U.S., because in Europe there is so much pressure on coaches to win. They don’t have time to risk trying to develop a young player like LiAngelo. They must win now or their job is in jeopardy.”

There are so many players these days trying to get into the NBA or back into the NBA that have been playing in China. Obviously this is an issue for LiAngelo Ball after what happened on his last trip to China.

Bleacher Reported interviewed an NBA scout who explained that there is also another issue with LiAngelo Ball specifically. His talent isn’t quite up to par, which shouldn’t be confused with his potential.

The scout explained, “He’s not awful. Everyone will pile on him right now. But his body has gotten better, though still not where it needs to be. He can make jump shots coming from that offense in high school. There’s a league for almost everyone internationally. It just may not be very desirable.”

It seems that although the search is just beginning, the options for the Ball family are quickly diminishing daily.


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